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B-Lovee Press Bio

“I’m picky about beats; I choose stuff that’s rare. If I hear a beat and I think I heard it before, I will not do it,” explains 20-year-old South Bronx rapper B-Lovee. “It has to be really good.” In a short amount of time, B has created songs that tapped the consciousness of his city and the greater rap community. “IYKYK” became one of 2021’s songs of summer, achieving 5 million streams in a little over a month. After sampling a Wayne Wonder classic for that anthem, B-Lovee charges into fall with “Neaky,” a drill track that updates Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh.” The music video cleared a million views in its first week out. Newly signed to RECORDS/Columbia Records, B-Lovee is motivated to build a catalog and a career. “All I’m on is to keep making records that are bigger than the last.”

B-Lovee grew up in the South Bronx’s Andrew Jackson Houses in the Courtlandt Avenue’s dozen or so project buildings. “People don’t often come over here; we’re a ghetto,” he says. During childhood, Qwayshawn Cannon could see the nearby Manhattan skyline but admits that he mostly just stuck to his neighborhood. From a West Indian family, music served as his escape. “I’m a big fan of music. I listen to it all day,” he said. As a teenager, he tried his hand at rapping. “I went and recorded a song or two. I was young and in the streets, so I didn’t really take it seriously. After a month, I just quit; I just gave it up.” Nicknamed after the “Buddy Love” character in Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor, B says he would occasionally record but was less interested in posting songs on Soundcloud or YouTube. In 2020, that changed with “No Hook,” a hard-nosed video of B-Lovee surrounded by his crew in their gritty Bronx element. “The main thing that got me out there was my neighborhood,” he affirms. “The projects knew me personally, so when I started rapping, they knew it was real. I was already respected.” Weeks later, he followed with “No Hook Pt. 2” and cleared 500,000 views independently. Quickly, B-Lovee stood tall among New York City’s emerging class of street rap movers and shakers.

Approaching 2021, B-Lovee dedicated himself. “My hunger for rap was different last year. Now, it’s really there.” He closed the year with a self-released EP, Cortlandt Baby. Across six unique tracks, B flexed his range. The melodic “Hero” chronicled an unlikely path to success, while “Only One” showed a rapper with a standout flow. “People will see what you’re doing and try to do it too,” says the artist who is intent on being original and outmaneuvering the copycats. This summer, B-Lovee further separated himself from the pack with “IYKYK.” Grabbing melodic elements from Wayne Wonder’s 2003 hit “No Letting Go,” B rapped about his command of the block. In September, the seven-figure streaming song was broadcast on HOT 97 and hit Apple Music playlists, including The New New York, New In Hip Hop, and The Plug. As the track thrives on TikTok and Shazam, “IYKYK” was praised by Pitchfork and Lyrical Lemonade.

With one song already on the climb, B-Lovee doubled down for “Neaky.” “I was trying to make a real strong follow up for ‘IYKYK.’ That was a big record, and it had a couple of samples,” he says of a highlight song. “Right now, if a song’s gonna hit, there’s a sample in it. So when they sent the beat, I knew it was gonna be a hit.” The track calls back to Gyptian’s 2010 smash, “Hold Yuh,” before B-Lovee steers the wheel somewhere else entirely. “I have about five songs right now that are on par with ‘Neaky’ and ‘IYKYK,’” B-Lovee boasts. He is showing his range and depth. “I don’t try to make Drill music intentionally. ‘Neaky’ isn’t really a Drill song, but it is—based on what I’m saying,” he clarifies. At 20, B-Lovee clearly has plenty to say in songs, and he’s chosen quality over quantity, originality over copying, and authenticity over everything.


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