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Julia Pratt

Julia Pratt understands the bond that binds us to our family. Chosen or blood. And if you’re willing to take the first step, your experience could be the perfect bridge for connection. For reconnecting to your past, mending your present, and building your future. “People don’t want to talk about the painful stuff, but I need to,” singer-songwriter Julia Pratt says with a knowing smile. “The world is full of painful, beautiful experiences, and I share them to heal myself, to build connection, to fight the loneliness.” On the 23-year-old’s new EP, Family Feud (due May 10 via Records), Pratt dissects her own heart, her complicated relationship with her father, her experience as a woman of color in America, and lays it all bare on the operating table in the hopes that you’ll feel the courage to do the same. 

Her experience as a woman of color plays into the song’s wary eye to the past both in the song and the EP at large. Between not feeling Black enough for her mom’s side of the family or white enough for parts of Southern culture, Pratt’s youth was full of a questioning and internal conflict—what surely must have been a terrible weight to carry, but manifests in Family Feud’s powerful self-inspection and her present conviction of identity. 

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