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“It was just about making a dope song; TikTok wasn’t even a thought,” admits 21-year-old rapper KBFR of his video hit, “Hood Baby.” “I wanted to make something catchy, fun, and that everybody would love.” To say that mission accomplished would be a gross understatement. More than 425 million TikTokers watched dances before choreographing their own routines to the RECORDS/Columbia single. Kourtney Kardashian, Addison Rae, Shay Mitchell, Jason Derulo, and Lorey Gray are just some of the celebrities, pop stars, and dancers who have made viral renditions to KB’s smash. The response affirms the West Philly native’s vision, “I want to appeal to everybody.” It marks only the beginning for the voice who has soundtracked 2020.



KBFR - From The A
KBFR - Hood Baby
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