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Murda B

All eyes have been on Murda B since she dropped her controversial, million-view “Introduction”track last October. She’s kicked off her rap career with singles like “DND” and “Trendy Girl,”which have amassed millions of YouTube views, but she’s ready to display the breadth of her alent to her 60,000+ monthly Spotify listeners and 230,000+ IG followers on her upcoming Murda She Wrote mixtape. Born Precious Colon, Murda B was born in The Bronx and grew up in the Soundview Projects.She caught the music bug at a young age, as both her mother and father rapped. Murda showed off her vocal skills in local talent shows as a kid, honing a lifelong love for singing. She also learned to play 17 instruments, including the piano, clarinet, and saxophone.But along with developing her musical skills, the self-proclaimed “party girl” remembers going to car meets with her young friends from as early as 13, a nomadic period where she stayed allover the east coast for short stints, always ending up back home. Friends in the Bronx begancalling her Precious Murda, which she shortened to Murda B once she started rapping.“Introduction” has incendiary lyrics and a controversial video, but it was her emphatic mic presence that kept fans intrigued with what else she had to offer.Her music has since branded her a purveyor of, in her words, “gritty, gun smoke talk that makes you want to punch someone in the face.” But that’s not the whole of Murda B. Last year, she released a snippet of “Heartless,” a lithe, vulnerable 180 from her drill music that unveils her vocal skills. While Murda She Wrote will have the drill energy fans love, she’s also been collaborating with other melodically inclined artists in hopes of expanding beyond the drill scene.Controversy may be what got her in front of a lot of eyes, but it’s her passion for music that will keep her there.



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