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Noah Cyrus

As one of today’s hottest artists, Noah Cyrus has been forging her own path in left-of-center pop and singer/songwriter music since her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” went straight to #1 on Spotify’s Viral Global Chart within hours of release and has since surpassed 500 million global audio and video streams.

Her current single “July”, now going to radio, has reached 175 million global streams and 610k SPS units and is showing no signs of slowing down. The track, which just cracked the Billboard Hot 100, has been critically acclaimed with support from press, fellow artists and celebrities alike, including Paper Magazine (who tagged this as one of the songs of the year), John Mayer (who said “songs like these are good forever”, sister Miley Cyrus, Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner and model Sophia Richie, just to name a few.

Meanwhile Noah’s companion track, “Lonely”, has surpassed 45 million global streams and was released with an effort to bring awareness around mental health. In doing so, Cyrus partnered with the Crystal Campaign and the Jed Foundation to drop the Lonely Collection clothing line with the sole mission of ensuring that mental health is taken just as seriously as physical health.

She has collaborated with peers including Labrinth, XXXTENTACION, and Leon Bridges, becoming known for her honest lyrics that stem deep from her musical routes. Noah completed her first headline tour 2018, graced the stage at Coachella twice, was included in Billboard’s 21 Under 21 for three consecutive years, and has performed at the The Tonight Show with James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and The Today Show.


Noah Cyrus - I Just Want a Lover
Noah Cyrus - Every Beginning Ends
Noah Cyrus - Mr. Percocet
Noah Cyrus - I Burned LA Down
Noah Cyrus - The Worst of You
Noah Cyrus - You Belong To Somebody Else
Noah Cyrus - All Three
Noah Cyrus - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus (feat. Miley Cyrus)
Noah Cyrus - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus – MTV Unplugged
Noah Cyrus - Young & Sad
Noah Cyrus - The End of Everything
Noah Cyrus - July
Noah Cyrus - Mad at You
Noah Cyrus - July Remix ft. Leon Bridges
Noah Cyrus - fuckyounoah
Noah Cyrus - Again (feat. XXXTENTACION)
Noah Cyrus - Stay Together
Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry)
Noah Cyrus - Lonely


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